Hi, I'm Collyn.

I'm an urban planner, project manager, and community builder. My work focuses on implementing urban infrastructure that adapts us to the needs of a changing climate. I have 8+ years of experience delivering renewable energy, transportation decarbonization, and climate resilience projects. I am justice-driven, utilizing data, design, and practice rooted in community to create more connected and transformative urban spaces. I received my Masters of City Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia.

City of Somerville Parking and Curb Study
City of Boston | East Boston Master Plan
Coquí Solar Energy Cooperative in Puerto Rico
California: AV Urbanism & Ecological Uncertainty
2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture | Brazil
National Adaptation Infrastructure Assessment
City of Surrey Parks, Recreation and Culture
Metro Vancouver Regional Fare Review
WMBR 88.1FM's NUMTOT Radio Hour
Managed Retreat Community Toolkit
Northeast False Creek Waterfront Park
Sustainability Indicators in the Built Environment
Managing Justice and Retreat in the Resilient City
MIT's Coastal Resilience Research Group
Hindsight Conference
LEED Platinum+ Building Projects
Home, As Forecasted
Futures of Climate Infrastructure | Venice
Adaptation Funding in New England
Somerville Community Corporation
Trouble with Paradise | GIS Research Project
Visualizing Trade-offs of Coastal Adaptation
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